PoolParty Semantic Integrator

The PoolParty Semantic Integrator is a unified integration approach for connecting data from different sources. It provides a unified metadata layer based on semantic web standards allowing to create integrated views over different data sources.

This is a novel and cost efficient approach for data integration allowing enterprises to explore and use their data in ways that where not possible before. On the PoolParty Server side it is based on the Thesaurus Server API, the Entity Extractor API and the GraphSearch Server API.

PoolParty UnifiedViews can be used to automate and schedule different processing, transformation and synchronization tasks.

This diagram shows the semantic middleware architecture components based on PoolParty:

That way a Semantic platform is set up supporting the following features:

  • SQL to RDF mapping: data residing in different relational data bases can be integrated easily and with a high amount of cost-efficiency.
  • Text to RDF mapping:  based on the PoolParty Extractor, unstructured information can be integrated in the 'enterprise knowledge graph'.
  • Integrations with various Enterprise CMS: existing Power Tagging integrations can be added and by that information in different systems be interlinked.
  • Integrate with LOD sources: the internal enterprise knowledge graph can be enriched by freely available knowledge sources like DBpedia, Freebase, Geonames, etc.
  • Unified API: since all information is based on semantic web standards, a unified data model is in place, providing a unified API with SPARQL as a standardized query language.

Using these features the PoolParty Semantic Integrator allows to develop applications that provide access to the knowledge of an enterprise beyond simple search. For example, semantic (graph) search, linked data based search, geospatial search, recommender engines, etc. Data analytics can be done faster and more cost-efficient providing 360-degree views on vital business objects. 

PoolParty Academy Tutorial

(Duration: 22m47s)