PoolParty Thesaurus Server Freezes

If PoolParty Thesaurus Server isn't reacting to your input or doesn't seem to finish processing a task:

  • Use the browser's reload function and open your project again.
    • You should be able to continue your work as usual.

Unexpected Behaviour

  • After PPT Upgrade
    When your PoolParty Thesaurus Server instance is upgraded to a new release it might cause unexpected behaviour, if you previously worked with an older version. This is a common issue for all applications using Ajax technology.
    • To avoid this, you'll have to delete the PPT cookie and clear your browser's cache after each new release.
    • Clear the cache in Firefox:
      • Choose 'Options' from the Tools menu.
      • Click on the Privacy icon in the options dialogue.
      • Make sure the Ask me before clearing private data box is checked and click on settings.
      • Check only the box for Cache, confirm with OK, then hit the 'Clear now' button.

Information about new releases, screen casts and the documentation is published at Important news will also be posted to our mailing list.

  • Multiple PPT Projects Opened in One Browser
    Opening a second project in another browser tab or window will also result in unexpected behaviour. Either stick to one open project at a time, or use a different browser to display a second project. Of course it is unproblematic if other users on other machines work on different projects at the same time as you work on yours.

Fixes for Known Issues Introduced by Upgrades

PoolParty Support

For any problems with or suggestions for PoolParty please don't hesitate to contact us at