Approval Workflow

Find here a detailed introduction to the approval workflow in PoolParty for collaboration on PoolParty projects.

PoolParty offers a simple approval workflow module that allows you to manage thesauri in a collaborative way,control the status of the thesaurus and manage release cycles.

The workflow supports four different concept states:

  • Draft
    Assigned to a concept when it has been created, edited, imported or added via the suggest service.
  • Suggested
    Concepts that have been suggested using the suggest API method.
  • Approved
    Assigned to a concept on approval by a privileged user (Administrator)
  • Deprecated
    Assigned to concepts that have been deleted from the thesaurus by a privileged user . The concept and it's triples will be saved to the workflow dashboard. You cn re-use them from there by suggesting them. They can be deleted for good by using the SPARQL shell.

The approval workflow functionality is only available from PoolParty Enterprise Server level. It is available as an additional module for PoolParty Advanced Server.

 The following chart is a schematic overview of the review process:

Deletion of concepts are not covered by an approval process at the moment. This means a deleted concept can not be rejected to bring back a deleted concept.

Workflow Initialization

Based on the full concept history, PoolParty offers an approval workflow that can be initialized per project at the time being created or also at a later point via the respective entry in the advanced menu.

Using the Workflow

Based on the role of the user, different actions can be conducted during the workflow process.

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