Semantic Middleware Configurator - Features

This section provides a guide on how to interpret and use the Features node in the Semantic Middleware Configurator (SMC).

The SMC lets you access and configure connections to external systems, remote graph databases (triple stores), search index services and Linked Open Data caches in one central place.

Certain PoolParty functions depend on these connections.

The Features node lists the features that become available in your PoolParty instance once these configurations exist.

Additionally you can configure these settings right here in the Features nodes, if necessary.

How to Access the Features Node

After you have accessed the SMC (1), the Features node (2) below the Systems node can be expanded displaying entries for all available features.

The number behind the node's name depicts the number of features that are available due to the setup of the indices, graph databases, etc.:

The tree below the Features node will by default display the following five nodes for features that depend on the default functions configured:

AutoComplete, Extraction Model Calculation, Linked Data Harvesting, Linking and Copying Data and Search Index.