Semantic Middleware Configurator - Overview

The Semantic Middleware Configurator (SMC) is the central administration point for all systems connected to PoolParty.

At this time the Semantic Middleware Configurator is a unique feature in PoolParty offering a full-fledged control center for all the functions you need to manage: connected graph databases and search indices, integrations with linked data sources and integrations with third-party tools, for example a Jira instance of your choice or visualizations.

In addition you also can check up on all the available functions added to PoolParty by these configurations. Use the Features node in the Semantic Middleware Configurator's Hierarchy Tree.

The full functionality of the SMC is available from PoolParty Enterprise Server level.

  • For PoolParty Basic Server you can configure the local index engine (Apache Solr).
  • For  PoolParty Advanced Server this option can additionally configure and monitor the LOD cache used for your Linked Data sources.

Find details on the functions and configurations in these sections: