Deleting Concepts & Subtrees

To delete a concept, you can use the Delete Concept link (1) or the respective menu entry in the context menu of the tree. When clicking it, a message appears asking you to confirm the deletion of this concept scheme or concept and all its narrower concepts (2). When you click Confirm, the subtree is deleted and a message appears telling you the number of deleted concepts.

Delete Concept

If concurrent editing is disabled in PoolParty's System Settings, deletion of concepts will not be possible.

Deleting a subtree deletes the concept scheme or concept and all narrower concepts regardless of their being also narrower concepts somewhere else in your thesaurus project. So take care when you use this function.

When you delete a concept the following information will be generated and move to the deprecated concepts graph to indicate that the concept is deprecated:

<URI-of-Concept> rdf:type skos:Concept
<URI-of-Concept> rdfs:label "Concept preferred language"@<lang>
<URI-of-Concept> owl:deprecated true
<lang> ... default language of project

So you can retrieve deleted concepts via the SPARQL endpoint and you can make them available in the LD frontend.