View and Restore Automatically Generated Snapshots

For all projects per default the autosave function is enabled during project creation and snapshots of the project are generated in a defined interval (default: 10 minutes).

In the lists of snapshots this automatically generated snapshots are indicated by the user 'system' (3).

For Project Snapshots you can change these intervals using Snapshot Configuration, details find in this topic: The Snapshot Configuration Dialogue

 When a user enters a project, the current state of the in-memory-project is compared with the most recent snapshot file in the snapshot directory. If there is a difference, an error message is presented, saying that the data in the project might be outdated or corrupt. A difference might occur if e.g. the project data is altered programmatically via API, without a final call of the Web Service Method: Create Project Snapshot.

All snapshots are saved to the snapshots directory under <PoolParty-Data>/snapshotRoot. This implies that the snapshots directory should be included in the backup strategy for a PoolParty server but also that if anything goes wrong you can restore projects from a snapshot .