Release Notes - PoolParty 6.2.2 - Minor & Bug-Fix Release

Bug Fixes

  • Performance issues managing relations on larger projects with custom scheme data enabled have been fixed.
  • An issue with corpus analysis resulted in its taking sometimes too long or be stuck at a certain percentage. The issue has been fixed and performance is back to normal.
  • Corpus analysis has been fixed to also work again with language dialects such as en_au.
  • Linked data in an imported project was not visible after a project import. The problem has been fixed, the linked DBpedia data now will be displayed correctly.
  • Display issues in the Linked Data Frontend have been fixed. The display works now again as expected.
  • Workflow buttons display correctly again also if the resource is not assigned to the user.
  • An issue with inheriting classes during Excel import has been fixed and classes are applied correctly.
  • The property Unique Use was ignored for relationships. This issue has been fixed and the property Unique Use is taken into account as expected again.