Release Notes - PoolParty 6.2.1 - Minor & Bug-Fix Release

Bug Fixes

  • A display issue in the Linked Projects' View of custom schemes inside the custom scheme's tab has been fixed.
  • An issue with relationships marked as unique yet accepting multiple values was fixed. Unique relationships now behave again as expected.
  • An error message in the Thesaurus API as response to a createClass call for creating custom classes has been fixed. The API call is now working as expected again.
  • An issue with custom frontend display after changes in PoolParty 6.2 to the JavaScript templates has been fixed.
  • The delegate delete button functionality for integrated systems together with PoolParty had been temporarily not working in Firefox browser and the issue has been fixed as of this release.
  • The display of characters was incomplete in the main PoolParty interface, Details View of concepts. The fix allows now for an infinite number of characters being displayed, where long lines will be wrapped depending on screen resolution.
  • The Linked Data Frontend was not displaying all concept labels after URI edits for the PoolParty project as such. The issue was fixed and the display is working as expected again.
  • An issue after upgrading to 6.2 with retrieving properties (class, URI and label) using the Concept Suggestion Request Service has been solved.
  • The adding of classes and attributes to ontologies caused a problem so ontologies were not visible any more (cloud server). This has been fixed and Ontology Management is working as expected again.

API Changes

PoolParty Thesaurus Server API

  • Request History of a Project or of Concepts: GET /history/{projectId} and /history/{projectId}/concepts received the following new event types: addLodLink, removeLodLink, addProjectLinking, removeProjectLinking