Release Notes - PoolParty 6.1

This section contains the release notes for PoolParty minor release version 6.1. In the release notes you can find major developments, improvements and bug fixes made in the respective release.

Details on how to upgrade from your present version find here:  PoolParty Upgrades


Multiple SearchSpaces in GraphSearch

GraphSearch has seen an extension that allows to set up different GraphSearch projects even easier within one GraphSearch server: You can now configure multiple SearchSpaces.

The Admin Dashboard (1) offers a revised and improved interface which you can enter from the GraphSearch interface directly, via the Settings menu. Click the Plus icon to open the Create SearchSpace dialogue.

The Admin Dashboard has been extended considerably: 

You can configure several SearchSpaces right here, add mappings and change the SearchSpace configurations.

Enhanced Ontology Management

The Ontology Management in PoolParty has again seen major improvements for this release. Previously you were not able to define properties (relations and attributes) without either domain or range restriction applied. Therefore for example, it was not possible to use an attribute for both, a concept and a concept scheme at the same time.

In addition you can now define disjoint classes and thus make sure a resource cannot become an instance of those two classes at the same time.

OWL reasoning performance also has been improved considerably.

Read-Only User Role

In PoolParty's User Administration you can now also assign a Read-Only role. This means that users who are logged in with these permissions are not able to change data, or execute project or corpus extraction functions.

They can also look at the information displayed inside the project's thesaurus, the Corpus Management and the Project Linking. This new feature enables you to have more users actively participate in the planning of your knowledge graph without assigning unnecessary permissions.

As in PoolParty user permissions are additive, you have to set the check marks for Read-Only and User in the  User Administration in order to correctly set up a read-only user.

Integrated Issue Reporting Based on JIRA

It's now even easier to communicate with our support if errors occur. You can now use the new integrated issue reporting feature with JIRA. 

You would set up an external service connection using the  Semantic Middleware Configurator (SMC), in order to define the connection PoolParty should use for the respective JIRA instance.

When this configuration is done and an error occurs you can create a support ticket right within PoolParty's user interface. Log files will be automatically attached and you can also add screenshots, with a file size limit of 20 MB applying.


GraphSearch User Interface and Search Integration Improvements

The GraphSearch User Interface has been improved all round, allowing for detailed setup and configuration options, selection of search facets, one or more projects, custom schemes, and more. The facets are displayed in a hierarchical order as based on the schemes or thesauri you selected while configuring your SearchSpace. Even similarity calculations are taken into account now for displaying results. If you configure your search space accordingly, results will be displayed based on either a graph-based similarity calculation (your thesaurus), a lexical similarity based on the index engine configured for PoolParty or a combination of the two, based on UnifiedViews.

The GraphSearch user interface provides now the possibility to select from the defined search spaces (1), the facets used for the search (2), change the view option to grid or list view (3), expand or collapse charts you configured. A global search for the selected SearchSpace is available (5), offering autocomplete.

The Admin Dashboard (4) you can reach right here lets you define the details of the setup for each SearchSpace. Select the project you want to search, select which scheme should be used for the facets, connect to UnifiedViews, set up charts to graphically display data in pie or column format.

GraphSearch Recommender and Similarity Plugin Mechanism

A Java based plugin machanism has been added to Graph Search allowing to create similarity and recommender plugins that are optimized to the underlying data model. Plugins can be added to the PoolParty plugins folder and are available after restarting the server.

In the details view of a search result you can select the plugin to be used for the respective functionality.

Visualization Export and Setup Enhancements

The Visual Mapper again has seen new developments: You can not only export the actual called view to a png, by hovering your mouse over the Export button, then clicking it (1).

In addition you can configure the options of the display in more detail, when toggling the Settings pane and choose from the scheme's relations and attributes list which of them should be displayed.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue with creation of incorrect datatypes for literals.
  • New lines in multi-line attributes are treated correctly in the linked data frontend.
  • Custom languages are taken correctly into account on project creation and language change.
  • Fixed LOD linking issues with special characters in preferred labels.
  • Users can only see user groups they are assigned to.
  • Subtree import handles quality management data correctly now.
  • Brackets in labels are now handled correctly in API calls.
  • Fixed issues with incorrect error codes returned for invalid API calls.
  • Error handling for suggest concepts API has been extended to cover suggestion of empty labels.
  • Duplicate check in suggest concept API has been fixed.
  • Concept scheme identifiers are now taken correctly into account on Excel import.
  • Issues with bulk approval of draft concepts have been solved.
  • Issues saving user settings have been solved.
  • Lables for linked concepts are shown now correctly in project linking.