Semantic Classifier - Overview

PoolParty offers a sophisticated and unique tool to make classification of hundreds or thousands of digital documents a breeze. It is available as an add-on for PoolParty Enterprise Server and Semantic Integrator.

The use cases are not confined to classifying documents: you can classify emails, do a sentiment analysis, news classification, or match products or content to user groups or users.

The PoolParty Semantic Classifier combines machine learning algorithms (SVM, Deep Learning, Naive Bayes, and more) with semantic knowledge graphs.

Use our Semantic Classifier functionality to easily assign categories to documents based on training calculations in so-called training classifiers you prepare yourself as templates.

After that you use the PoolParty Extractor API to classify documents using the classifier's ID. A number of Classification Managements APIs have been created to make the usage of existing classifiers and Training Boxes even easier.

You can also combine the classifier with a UnifiedViews DPU pipeline or with GraphSearch, including a recommender plugin you may have created.

When you first access the Semantic Classifier the Train Classifier node (1) will be active initially, on the right you see the Train Classifiers view (2).

The steps to take are based on the workflow concept we designed to make it simple, consisting of a few steps:

Find the following topics in this section to help you set up and use the Semantic Classifier to advantage:

  • Access PoolParty's Semantic ClassifierThis section provides a short guide about accessing the Semantic Classifier.
  • Classification Steps to TakeThis section contains a short overview and summary of the individual steps you need to take in order to be able to classify documents, emails, user accounts and more.
    • Create a Training BoxThis section contains a short guide on how to create Training Boxes in PoolParty's Semantic Classifier (SC).
    • Create a Train ClassifierThis section provides details on how to create and train a Train Classifier in PoolParty's Semantic Classifier (SC).
    • Train a ClassifierIn order to use the classifiers you created, you first have to train them. This section explains how to do it.
    • Create a Test ClassifierThis section contains a short guide on how to create and use Test Classifiers in PoolParty.