Semantic Middleware Configurator - External Graph Databases

This section contains a short overview of setting up a connection to a external graph database (triple store) in PoolParty.

PoolParty supports a number of enterprise ready graph databases available, for example MarkLogic, Stardog, Allegrograph, GraphDB or Virtuoso.

The interface of the Semantic Middleware Configurator lists the possibilities you have on the first page, so you can configure the connections to them easily right here.

After you have accessed the SMC (1), the Graph Databases node (3) below the Systems node (2) can be expanded displaying entries for all supported graph database types.

  • On first accessing this page the list (4) will be empty as you have to configure the graph databases first.

You need PoolPartySuperAdmin rights to access the Configurator. Otherwise the icon will be hidden.

Further information on the configuration options and setup find here:

The graph database configuration is available only with the PoolParty Enterprise Server license or higher.