Working With PoolParty Projects - Overview

This section provides detailed instructions on how to work with a PoolParty project. We introduce you to a couple of metadata formats, VoID and ADMS. These are used for describing PoolParty projects. The following topics are covered in this section:

What is a PoolParty Project

A PoolParty project is a container that is used to hold one or more concept schemes (thesauri). We recommend that you select the correct settings for a new or existing thesaurus project. You can also set the language and user group for a PoolParty project. In PoolParty you can set your project to be saved automatically by setting the Autosave project. Depending on how often you need your project to be saved, the snapshots of a project is saved at regular intervals without additional user intervention. This section also shows how to check the information of the latest snapshot that has been saved.