Prerequisites for Importing non-PoolParty SKOS Thesauri or Zthes thesauri

If you import SKOS thesauri which were not created with PoolParty, there are certain prerequisites a file should satisfy in order to be imported smoothly. You can verify the consistency of your imported data via PoolParty's Quality Management. Additionally SWC provides free online services for checking the quality of SKOS vocabularies (

Prerequisites for importing thesauri into PoolParty are:

  • The file has to be valid RDF and should be valid SKOS. Alternatively PoolParty can import thesauri in Zthes XML format and convert them to SKOS.

    RDF validity can be checked at Several SKOS checks can be made at

  • There has to be a skos:ConceptScheme (which represents the thesaurus itself) and one or more concepts connected to it via skos:hasTopConcept / skos:topConceptOf (see details about SKOS definition and PoolParty).
  • All skos:ConceptSchemes have to be labeled with one of the following properties in the default language of the project:
    • dc:title
    • dcterms:title
    • rdfs:label
    • skos:prefLabel

      dcterms:title is the default property for labeling concept schemes in PoolParty. If one of the other properties is used a dcterms:title property is added.

  • All concepts should be connected to a parent concept via skos:broader / skos:narrower or to a concept scheme via skos:hasTopConcept / skos:topConceptOf.
  • URIs shouldn't contain space characters.
  • Concepts must have a preferred label in the default language of the project.
  • The labels of concepts and concept schemes should have language tags attached to denote which language the label is in.
  • Concepts shouldn't have double quotes in their preferred label.

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