Upload Documents to a Corpus

This section contains a short guide on how to use the document upload dialogue for your corpus.

Once you have created a document corpus you will find the Details View of your corpus on the right.

It displays statistics about the corpus as well as information about its last analysis.

Supported file types are text file formats supported by the Apache Tika library.


  • An opened PoolParty project.

How to Upload Documents to a Corpus

Two ways are available in PoolParty to upload documents to a corpus, using the main menu or the right-click option.

In your opened PoolParty project, follow these steps:

  1. Use the context menu of the corpus' node in the Hierarchy Tree.
  2. Click the Add Documents menu entry.
  3. Alternatively, in the corpus's Details View select the Corpus Documents tab. 
  4. Click Add Documents.

  5. The Upload Documents dialogue opens.

In the Upload Documents dialogue, you have one of the following options:

You can view all documents uploaded to your corpus in the Corpus Documents tab.

Unlimited file upload is only available beginning with PoolParty Advanced Server.