Import a Corpus

This section contains a short guide on how to import a corpus into an existing PoolParty project.

You can import a corpus that has been previously exported from another project or instance. In addition, you can import corpus documents into another corpus, by using the upload documents function.

Prerequisites to Import a Corpus into PoolParty

Steps to Import a Corpus

  1. Open the Corpus Management in PoolParty,
  2. Find the Corpora, and right click it.
  3. Select Import Corpus. The Import Corpus dialog opens.

  4. Select a File to import, a Repository type and whether you want to Overwrite any data.
    • File: browse to the corpus in RDF data format.
    • Repository: choose from the available remote graph databases that were successfully set up in the Semantic Middleware Configurator. Or select either Embedded GraphDB or Local Native RDF4j for local storage. 

    • Activate Overwrite to overwrite existing documents. 

  5. Click Import to confirm.

    After the import process has finished, you will find the imported corpus as a new node under the Corpora node.