Extracted Terms - Use the Similar Terms Function

This section contains a short guide on how to use the Similar Terms function for extracted terms.

After you have executed a corpus analysis, and opened the Extracted Terms list in its tab, you can use the Similar Terms icon for filtering.

The terms in this list are the results of the corpus analysis and can help you to further refine your thesaurus with terms as synonyms or concepts you can select and add to it from here. The analysis will calculate the terms based on PoolParty's similarity algorithms and display them here, including their similarity scores. A higher score means the similarity is higher compared to your thesaurus' concepts.

How to Use the Similar Terms Function

  1. Use the Similar Terms icon in the Extracted Terms list at the end of a row.
  2. The Search Terms field will be filled with the term you just selected and clicking Search will display only similar terms in the table.
  3. All other functionality is similar to the options for the unfiltered Extracted Terms list.