Corpus Management Thesaurus Tree - Options

This section contains a short guide on how to use the Thesaurus Tree PoolParty's Corpus Management.

You can open the Details View of the concepts in the Thesaurus Tree, inside the Corpus Management. Based on these concepts, in the Details View of each concept, you will find Term Suggestions. You can use them as labels for any concepts they are suggested for, either as Alternative or Hidden Label.

There are three options to access the Details View of a concept:

  1. Search for a concept in the Corpus Management search bar.
    The Thesaurus Tree opens and the respective concept is selected.
  2. Browse the Thesaurus Tree and select the respective concept
  3. In your opened corpus, click the Extracted Concepts tab (1) to open the Extracted Concepts list. 
    In the  Extracted Concepts list, find the concept (2) you want to see Term Suggestions for. Double click the concept's entry (3).

Available Options 

In the Details View of the concept you have the following options:

  1. In order to use Term Suggestions as labels,drag and drop them to the Alternative Labels or Hidden Labels section of the Details View.
  2. You can edit existing labels