Candidate Concepts List

This section contains a short guide on how to use the list of candidate concepts: they are terms that have been extracted from the corpus as possible new concepts and been added manually to this list.

To access the candidate concepts list, in your open Corpus Management, click the Candidate Concepts node (1) in the Hierarchy Tree on the left. After first accessing it, you see the Candidate Concepts Overview list of labels and the date of their creation.

Expanding the Candidate Concepts node on the left you find the candidate concepts that where added from the extracted terms list as candidate concepts.

Available Options

In the Candidate Concepts Overview list (3) you have the following options:

  • The buttons at the top (2) let you select all terms, deselect them and using Integrate All lets you add them directly to your thesaurus. 
    • Additionally you can select terms in the list by clicking them and using the default keys on your keyboard to batch select or select individual items.
  • You can delete terms you selected by clicking Delete Selected.