PoolParty Upgrades

Upgrade packages for new PoolParty releases can be downloaded at the PoolParty download server. The credentials for the download are sent to all PoolParty customers per mail. If you need assistance or have any questions just contact your contact person at SWC or write to support@poolparty.biz.

Execute upgrades incrementally and include each version that has migration requirements. For more details, see release notes

Find links to the upgrade instructions per release below:

We strongly recommend to completely back up your installation before you try to perform an upgrade.

Be advised that the users of PoolParty need to refresh their browser's cache after an upgrade. Failure to do that might result in unexpected behaviour when using PoolParty (this is a common phenomenon for applications using Ajax technology). Please refer the users to the appropriate section in the user manual for instructions on how to clear cache of their browser.