The File

Find the file in these paths:

  • Linux: <PPAppDir>/config
  • Windows: <drive>:\<PPAppDir>\config\

It allows to define basic parameters for the PoolParty setup.

Setup of the PoolParty Solr or Elasticsearch Instance:


Pattern for Date and Date & Time used in PoolParty:

The settings for date and time you define here are used for display in lists and tables throughout the interface. All other instances of date and date-time formats in PoolParty are by default formatted and stored according to the UTC standard.

datetime.format.pattern=dd.MM.yyyy - HH:mm

PoolParty URL Relevant Setting for the Linked Data Frontend and the Suggest API Method:

(Default: http://localhost/PoolParty)


Enable Enhanced HTTP/HTTPS Resolution for the LD Frontend

A parameter affects the LD frontend and enabling the enhanced HTTP/HTTPS resolution of resources for it.

Add this parameter to the file:


LOD Cache Used for All Linked Data Functionalities in PoolParty:



Base URL for Custom Schemes / Ontologies, Projects and Users:

This is the URI used per default when creating projects or custom schemes / ontologies.

# base url for custom schemes
# base url for Thesauri
# base url for Users
# base url for graph namespaces (as of version 7.2.0)

The key url.base.context is mandatory as of version 7.2.0.

User Object Security Hash

In order to have PoolParty correctly create security hashes for user objects, the following parameter has to be present in the file:

#user security hash

Optional Parameters

The following parameters can be set optionally in the file:

  • poolparty.session.timeout
    This parameter allows to change the default timeout for a PoolParty session (Default: 30min)
  • feed.url
    This parameter allows to define a custom RSS feed to be used in PoolParty.
    This parameter allows to enable a stronger password policy for the PoolParty server (Default: false)
  • pwd.min.length
    Using this parameter you can set the minimum required password length to an individual value. (Default: 8, optional)
  • ld.frontend.http.https.conversion
    This parameter allows you to enable or disable the enhanced LD frontend HTTP/HTTPS resource resolving. (Default: true)
  • security.password.expiration 
    Sets the expiration interval for PoolParty user passwords, in days. (Default=0, optional) Details find here: Configure PoolParty to Use Stronger Passwords

  • security.password.log 
    Reuse of passwords prevented by a history, the value sets the number of already used passwords to be excluded. (Default = 0, optional) Details find here: Configure PoolParty to Use Stronger Passwords

  • security.account.failed.attempts 
    Set the maximum number of stored failed login attempts.

  • security.account.lock 
    This parameter specifies the number of failed login attempts, after which the account is locked and cannot be accessed even if the correct password is entered.

  • security.captcha.secret /
    For enabling ReCaptchas for PoolParty, add these two keys to the file. This makes sure that users have to check the 'I am not a robot' checkbox before they can log in. Even users with a locked account can then log into PoolParty (the lock will be removed after successful login). To register a new instance, follow this link: