Installation Guide (Microsoft Windows)

This section provides detailed instructions on how to install PoolParty on Windows.


Make sure that you have followed the prerequisites defined in the PoolParty System Requirements.


To install PoolParty on Microsoft Windows, you need to:

  • Install OpenJDK or a 64-bit build of a Sun/Oracle Java 11 SE Development Kit. 
  • Configure JAVA_HOME. It is mandatory. For a successful installation, you should be able to see the results of echo %JAVA_HOME% and java -version.

  • Download the 
  • Have a valid PoolParty licence.

Password Change Policy (mandatory):

New users and legacy users have to change passwords on their first login. After logging in a user cannot execute any functions, until the password is changed. 

Installation Procedure

To install PoolParty:

STEP 1: PoolParty Installation Start

To start installation:

  1. Create drive:\poolpartyhome folder e.g. (e.g. C:\Program Files\poolparty)
  2. Unzip installer in the drive:\poolpartyhome folder.
  3. Open Command prompt with Administrator privileges.
  4. Change directory to drive:\poolpartyhome
  5. Go to the bin folder.
  6. Run as administrator the init_poolparty.bat file from the bin folder in the Command Prompt.
    For example, we installed PoolParty in C:\Program Files\poolparty\pp802 folder and we ran the init_poolparty.bat file from here. 

STEP 1: Define the Base URLs.

To define the Base URLs after after invoking the init_poolparty.bat file:

  1. Define the Base URL for custom schemes and ontologies. The default is http://localhost. Either enter the Base URL you chose or hit Enter for the default Base URL.

    We recommend to choose a Base URL pattern according to the planned URI patterns. Changing the Base URL pattern might imply changes in the existing data.

  2. Define the Base URL for projectsThe default is http://localhost.
  3. Enter the Base URL you want to use or hit Enter to use the default Base URL

  4. Define the Base URL for users. 

    Enter the Base URL you want to use or hit Enter to use the default Base URL.

STEP 3: Enable Verbose mode in the init_poolparty.bat file

To Enable Verbose mode  in the init_poolparty.bat file, edit the init_poolparty.bat file and set echo to on. The Verbose mode is set to off by default. The ... script sets placeholders for the PoolParty configuration and enables Tomcat 9 and Solr services.|

STEP 4: Configure Solr and Apache Services

To start Solr7 PoolParty 8 and Apache Tomcat 9.0 tomcat9:

  1. Open Services.
  2. Find the Solr7 PoolParty 8 service.

  3. Ensure that the service Startup type is set to Automatic, and start it.
  4. Navigate to Apache Tomcat 9.0 tomcat9 service.

    If you plan to run PoolParty on port 80,  start it.

STEP 5: Provide the PoolParty license

Provide the PoolParty licence key during login to PoolParty or place it in drive:\poolpartyhome\config\licenses folder.


For more information on the installation, see the installation log in the drive:\poolpartyhome\bin\pp8_installation.log that contains the following:

PoolParty installation  Start :: 

Replace placeholders in the poolparty.cfg :: 

Update ::  

Setup Windows Services :: 

Configure tomcat Windows service :: 

PP8 PW init. Start :: 

[NOTE] superadmin  GENERATEDPASSWORD (change after first login)

[NOTE] solr GENERATEDPASSWORD (change after first login)

PP8 PW init.  End  :: 

PoolParty installation  End  :: 

For more information, see: